Trillion's Story

A Trillion Candle signifies the unity between a candle and a diamond. Once the candle is melted down, a diamond necklace protected in a metal case, is at the core of your candle. Our soy blend wax is mixed with high-quality fragrances, producing a clean burn.


Diamonds symbolize eternity, prosperity and perseverance. Each Trillion Candle features the highest-quality diamond that will be treasured for a lifetime. We provide from a selection of only the clearest, most beautiful diamonds. From discovering a beautiful diamond necklace to exploring an intriguing new fragrance, Trillion Candles are designed to create a diamond moment worth sharing with family and friends.

Why Trillion
A Trillion Candle is never to be forgotten – the diamond necklace stays with you forever. Our product is designed as a signature treasure for those who seem to have it all, an item to be admired and collected. A Trillion Candle is crafted to transform something ordinary into a memorable experience.