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VoyageLA: Conversations with Sanaz Aghachi

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Trillion Candle is the only candle in the market to leave you with an everlasting diamond necklace. Once the candle is fully burned, a diamond necklace will be then visible in a metal case & is able to be removed and worn as a luxurious accessory. The enclosed diamond is 0.08carat and necklaces come in 14K Yellow, Rose or White Gold. Currently, we have five different scents; Bamboo 13, Gardenia 57, Mandarin 42, Wood 33 and Signature 28. All candles are $295 except Signature fragrance is $395 because the diamond is 0.10carat and the wax changes color as it burns. Trillion Candle is in the process of forming a partnership to donate a portion of the proceeds to a Children’s Hospital.


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