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SDVoyager: Meet Sanaz Aghachi of Trillion Candle

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My name is Sanaz Aghachi and I am the founder of Trillion Candle. Coming from a Persian-Jewish background, I was raised to always focus on finishing school and then settling down. I bring passionate energy to every endeavor and possess an uncommon ability to harness a diverse talent, to begin my professional life with a degree in Business and went on to certify in Diamond Grading at GIA. I appreciate life, my boundless enthusiasm for diamonds and royal fragrances enable me to merge the two worlds into one. A luxury candle that has a 14K gold diamond necklace inside. Candles represent light, homeliness, and bring comfort; Diamonds symbolize prosperity, eternity, and love. There are five different elegant fragrances of my favorite scents and three variations of the color gold: yellow, white, and rose. “To light up every house with love, one Trillion Candle at a time,” It’s not only my ideality but also my best wish.